2015international.com Export MESSAGE TYPES IN THE AIR CARGO
  • The requested export completed successfully. The file on the IFS remains open until you exit this video.
  • Many manufacturing firms began their global expansion as exporters and only later switched to another mode for serving a foreign market. Exporting refers to sending of goods and services from the home country to foreign country.
  • Process
  • Methods of exporting a product or good or information include mail, hand delivery, air shipping, shipping by vessel, uploading to an internet site, or downloading from an internet site. Exports also include distribution of information sent as email, an email attachment, fax or in a telephone conversation.
  • This procedure defines the appropriate e-AWB handling process for Export / Import shipment in accordance with the new cargo automation system i.e. CROAMIS used by Qatar Aviation Services and adhering with the customer airlines and government authorities, procedures, provision and regulations.


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