Our Service

Services and support are the core vision of the company. Service efficiency and customer satisfaction have become important in every industry and have become one of the key differentiators of companies. With this understanding in mind, ShippingLines.com has built an effective customer support mechanism for all of its customers’ post-sales needs since its inception. We work on a case-by-case basis or on an annual service basis for valuable laboratory equipment. Engineers have been trained in principal production facilities and training centers. This is an ongoing activity for Bay-View Shipping Line Company that employs a dedicated team of engineers to provide all necessary after-sales services to the customer’s site. Our engineers are well trained to install the machines we supply. Achieving complete customer satisfaction is our business policy and our goal is to establish ourselves as a reliable importer / distributor of medical equipment. To ensure good after sales service, we keep fast moving spare parts in our stocks to minimize the average break time of the machine. Our engineers not only install the machines, they also train the user to get the best output from any machine. We want our customers to be a one-stop solution to their diagnostic products and services.


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